Bach Concert, Luther House and Wartburg Castle

by Steve Ray on September 12, 2017

We started the day in Eisenach Germany with Mass at the Church of St. Elizabeth. She was an amazing woman well before the time of Luther who cared for the poor in an exceptional and miraculous way. You can hear the excellent homily here (Part 1 and Part 2).

Today we branched out a bit and saw the Johann Sebastian Bach house and toured the excellent museum. The highlight was the concert with five authentic keyboard instruments and organs from the time of Bach. Watch the Bach video here:

We also toured the Luther House Museum which was very interesting especially since it was a huge propaganda tool to promote Luther as the main hero of Christianity. The many quotes that were posted around the walls were excellent discussion topics on the bus 🙂

Lastly we visited the Wartburg castle of other mountain were Saint Elizabeth had lived until her husband died. It is also the place were Martin Luther head while he was under a death sentence and where he translated the Bible.

However, Protestants assume he was the first to translate the Bible into the common language but that had already been done by the Catholic Church with 14 additions of the Bible in German.

Today’s adventures!

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