Back to Israel- what a joy to receive our group!

by Steve Ray on April 21, 2022

Israel had its borders closed for over two years. We are one of the first groups to arrive back on pilgrimage. And what a joy it is!

There were a lot of Covid protocols and drama with the mask mandate being dropped, testing and barcodes but we all made it in and we’re ready for the thrill of walking in the land of Our Lord and Our Lady.

We picked up our group of 57 in our brand new 2022 Mercedes bus and headed up to Galilee. Our favorite Ron Beach Hotel is on the outskirts of Tiberias right on the water. Amazingly, the Sea of Galilee is 20 feet higher than it was two years ago due to much rain and snow on Mount Hermon.

Enjoy our daily video updates as we share our adventures with you.

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