Beatitudes, Caesarea Philippi, Syrian Border, Primacy and Tabgha

by Steve Ray on May 25, 2022

One of my favorite days with rich sites and flavors. The Mount of Beatitudes for Mass is always very special and hard to get people to leave. Then an  hour drive to the Lebanese border in northern Israel to see Caesarea Philippi during which our priest tells his vocation story. At “the rock” I give my talk “Peter, the Rock, the Keys and the Chair.”

Lunch at a Druze restaurant before stopping at the Syrian border to overlook a country that has been devastated by radical Muslim groups Isis and the Nursa Front. We discuss the situation in the Middle East.

Then back to the sea to Tabgha where Jesus multiplied loaves and fish and then on to Primacy Of Peter where Jesus appointed him to be the shepherd. The day concludes with dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Israel called Magdalena.

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