Beatitudes for Mass, Caesarea Philippi, Druze Lunch, overlook Syrian Border, and much more

by Steve Ray on March 13, 2019

Pilgrims love starting the day on the tranquil Mount of Beatitudes where we have an outdoor Mass overlooking the Sea of Galilee (homily here). Time to pray and wander through the gardens. Both of our priests told their vocation stories on our drive north to the Lebanese border where we stop at Caesarea Philippi and talk about Jesus giving Peter the keys and making him the rock.

Then we have a Druze bread sandwich, a simple lunch, because we have a huge fabulous dinner ahead. We stopped to overlook the border with Syria and we talked about the situation in the Middle East as we prayed for the Christian people while looking into the war torn country.

From there to the Multiplication of Loaves Church and Primacy of Peter. A bit of free time at the hotel before going to one of the finest gourmet restaurants in Israel named the Magdalena.

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