Bethlehem all Day and Exclusive Entrance to the Tomb

by Steve Ray on October 14, 2019

Bethlehem is a unique city in the Palestinian West Bank. we spend the day here starting out in our favorite caps on olivewood store where we know there are quality products and where it’s safe to use credit cards and to have things shipped. A lot of the olive wood being sold in Israel today are knock off carvings from China. We teach our groups to be discerning.

Mass inside the cave where the angels appeared to the shepherds on the first Christmas Eve (homily here). Lunch at the Christmas Tree Restaurant with falafel‘s and Shawarma. Then to the Church of Nativity where we touched the birthplace of Christ and prayed the 3rd Joyful Mystery.

Then the highlight of our trip! We took our group for the Solemn Entry into the Tomb of Christ. The Franciscans met us at the door of the church amidst the crowds and escorted us in with organ playing and Latin singing. After an address by the superior general of the Holy Sepulchre, we enter the tomb 4 x 4. What a great day!

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