Bethlehem: House of Bread – video now ready

by Steve Ray on June 8, 2010

Great day in Bethlehem AND Hebron. This is the first time we’ve taken a group to the city of Abraham!

Today (Wednesday) we explore Mount of Olives and Mount Zion. We have Mass at Gethsemane. More soon when I get a few hours free.

Part II of Bethlehem tomorrow. I have a free afternoon to catch up.


  • Benita Patuel says:

    THANK YOU, Steve, for keeping the families up to date w/activities and dreaming we were there, also.

    Again, let me know if Dianita & Jim have a date confirmed. I know she wanted fri, since it is the day of Our Sacred Heart of Jesus. Has anything transpired re this? Would appreciate a head’s up…blessings,

  • The Yezaks says:

    Dad and Mom,
    Great to see you in Bethlehem (city of David) on Dave’s Birthday! I can’t imagine the beauty and holiness of being there. What a joy to have been where Mary laid precious baby Jesus! Everyone’s singing was wonderful! Keep us in your prayers.
    Robert, Benitia, and grandkids (Sebastian, Marianna, Evelyn, Benitia Catherine, Valerie, Emma, and Rachael)

  • Kegan says:

    I made a panorama from where you gave your “Salvation Story in 15 minutes” talk.
    I thought you might want to see it, or use it for something.

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