Birthplace of Mary, Dormition of Mary, Tomb of Mary and much more

by Steve Ray on May 14, 2014

Perfect acoustics. That is why the Muslims did not destroy this church after they kicked the Crusaders out. We sang and prayed there. It is the birthplace of Mary and the place Jesus healed the cripple in John chapter 5. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you which church. It is the church where we celebrate and pray for grandparents and grandchildren – the place where Jesus’ grandparents lived, the Church of St. Ann.

Mass at Gethsemane is always a moving and tearful experience. I explain how this garden is a rewind of the first garden. The first Adam brought death at the tree of life; the 2nd Adam Jesus entered another garden and brought life at the tree of death. 

I gave my 20-minute talk on the History of Salvation from Adam until today overlooking Jerusalem before we went to lunch at a Jewish kibbutz.

Mount Zion is replete with meaning and biblical significance. The Upper Room was closed since they are getting it ready for the Pope to celebrate Mass there in a few days. But we did see the Dormition on Mary and the Prison of Jesus and the holy steps at Peter in Gallicantu. 

Some free time this afternoon before dinner when everyone takes a nap or scatters through the Old City of Jerusalem to pray, explore or shop. Enjoy!

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