Is It Safe in Israel? Follow Us!

by Steve Ray on August 29, 2013

Everything is normal. Everyone is carrying on their normal life. The whole lane land of Israel is full of pilgrims and tourists enjoying themselves.

Here is a video I just made so you can see it for yourself. For those arriving Sunday, we are ready for you!

We have reached our hotel in Tiberias. We are now looking out over the Sea of Galilee. The hotel is full of pilgrims and the parking lot is loaded with tourist buses; everyone is going out to Holy sites to celebrate their faith today.

Interviewing people who live here demonstrates that no one is concerned; everybody is going about their daily life. Watch for my video coming out in a few hours.

Janet and I are boarding our plane for Israel. Our 90 pilgrims will join us Sunday including Bishop Vasa, Fr. Raymond Willy and Patrick Coffin of Catholic Answers Live. When I arrive on
Friday I will be riding my bike around Galilee to explore Our Lord’s land and to give you a set of eyes into the real situation in the Holy Land 🙂

Watch for my YouTube which I’ll post Friday to show how peaceful and safe and beautiful it is in Israel. We know
the situation and are certain of our safety – after over 100 times in Israel with great and knowledgable friends. Follow us closer at


  • Steve Ray says:

    Almost to Israel. Israel contacts say “All is normal; no problem.” CNN is sensational; reality is life as normal. Early pilgrim arrivals say “No Problem.”

  • Hector Raymond says:

    my priest brother’s name is Father Willy Raymond. We are all looking forward to Sunday arrival

  • Steve Ray says:

    E-mail from a pilgrim who arrived early and is staying near Tel Aviv:
    This aligns with the experiences of my family and I here in Jaffa (we’ve been here for a few days). The local flee market was packed yesterday, families were at the beach, the restaurants were full, and the port cats were prowling undeterred.

    I just returned from a run and observed the beaches starting to fill once more with people, the boardwalk teeming with walkers, bikers, and runners, and shopkeepers not keeping Shabbat are either open for the day or were just setting up. A tour bus full of people came lumbering by the street in front of the place we’re staying right before I crossed

    Things in this area of the country are as Mr Ray says.

    Brian Warn

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