Boat-ride on Galilee, Mass at Capernaum, Peter’s Fish, Visitation & Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on March 26, 2023

The boat ride on the sea of Galilee is always a highlight of the trip for folks. Seeing the shoreline as Jesus and the disciples did is a thrill. I give my talk about the time I spent fishing all night with two Jewish fishermen. Then we saw the ancient 2000 year old “Jesus boat“ and then arrived at Capernaum.

75% or more of all Jesus‘s miracles mention in the Bible took place at Capernaum. It’s also where he said “eat my flesh and drink my blood.“ I gave my talk there called “Defending the Eucharist“ before we had Mass. Then to Pilgerhaus to eat Saint Peter’s Fish.

Following lunch, we headed south to Jerusalem. I gave our a conversion story on the bus along the way before arriving at the Visitation where Mary visited her relative Elizabeth. There I give my talk on Mary as the Ark the New Covenant. From there we arrived at our hotel in Jerusalem.

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