Corinth, Erastus’ Name; Bishop Conley Explains Our Gift

by Steve Ray on November 8, 2014

Outdoor Mass at Corinth

Thunderstorms were forecast but the rain stopped when we arrived in Ancient Corinth. Blue sky broke thru and we had a moving Mass on a rock outdoors in front of the Judgment Seat where Paul was brought.

After a tour of the ancient city where St. Paul lived for 18 months we went to a site unknown to most to give evidence of the truth of Scripture. (See second video.)

Everyone contributed to buy a magnificent gift for Bishop Conley. Watch to see what it was as he describes it.

Back to the hotel for a Saturday evening Mass, dinner, an early night and off to the airport and home. Everyone left happy and thankful. It was a great and spiritually profound pilgrimage.

Steve’s Talk at the Erastus Stone, well worth the long walk.

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