Cruise 5 Istanbul Turkey

by Steve Ray on October 18, 2022

Istanbul is an exotic city. Most Americans are hesitant to come here but it’s actually a wonderfully beautiful and friendly city. It’s also very western European compared to the eastern part of Turkey. Today we spent the day in Istanbul!

We went first to the Blue Mosque and then to Hagia Sophia. You’ll see pictures of these in the opening of the movie as we come into port. It’s a magnificent view from the ship. Unhappily, the Hagia Sophia, which was the largest church for 1000 years before St. Peters was built has now been turned into a mosque. But we could still see the grandeur of the original purpose of the church. It’s still moving to walk inside and see the magnificence of Christianity in its glory.

From there we had lunch at our favorite Hamdi Restaurant with all the Turkish specialties, and then time to enjoy the very exotic and intriguing Spice Market. From there, to Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, where Pope St. John XXIII was a priest for several years.

Back to the ship for an another fine dinner and some free time this evening.

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