Cruise 6 Pergamum and the Throne of Satan

by Steve Ray on October 19, 2022

We had a much lighter day today. Until now, each day has been filled with touring and exploring important biblical sites and the history and culture of Greece and Turkey.

But today we had the morning free since our stop at Pergamum is only for a few hours in the afternoon. It was greatly appreciated by everyone so they could explore the ship, relax, sit on the deck, and do whatever they wanted.

We had Mass in the Muise Lounge at 10 AM and Fr. James Conlon did a great job as always. Then we disembarked the ship at 12:30 and took our three buses to biblical Pergamum which is one of the Seven Churches in Revelation (read Rev. 2:12-17). I explained this obscure passage to the group up on the mountain. We also visited the Askelpion.

The rest of the day was free to enjoy the ship, the great meals and all the activities available. And a lot of people enjoyed the rest!

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