Cruise 9 Corinth

by Steve Ray on October 23, 2022

We arrived in the port of Pireus in Athens, and disembarked from the ship early. We boarded the buses and drove to Corinth. I shared my conversion story on Bus 1 going to Corinth and Bus 2 coming back from Corinth.

This is quite an amazing day, and it really takes us back to the 1st century. First we cross the man-made canal for ships to pass through the isthmus between mainland Greece and Achaea of the New Testament. We stopped at the canal for lunch on the way back to Athens.

We arrived at Corinth for our outdoor Mass at the Bema (Judgment Seat) mentioned in Scripture and walked on the streets St. Paul knew, and where he lived for 18 months.  We saw the Temple of Apollo and got a feel for the paganism during Paul’s time there.

I also take everyone down to see the Erastus Stone, which is confirmation of the truth of Scripture. It’s one of my favorite things to show people on a pilgrimage here.

We stopped at the Temple of Apollo Shop to learn how they painted pottery in Ancient Greece and to buy some Greek and religious items. Back to the hotel for Saturday / Sunday Mass, to re-group share a nice meal and get a  night’s sleep before flying home Sunday morning.

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