Day 10: Ancient Rome, Peter’s Chair, St. Paul’s Tomb

by Steve Ray on June 25, 2022

On our first full day in Rome, we were joined by the inimitable Liz Lev, the art historian and superb Catholic guide for Rome. We began at St. John Lateran Church, which contains the Chair of St. Peter, the skulls of Peter and Paul, and it’s the “Mother Church of the World”.

I explained the typology between the Old and New Testaments magnificently lining the walls. We had Mass in this grand church. Next we toured around the Roman Forum and the Colosseum to understand the world that Peter and Paul stepped into in the 1st century.

Then to St. Paul Outside the Walls, the 2nd largest church in Rome that contains the tomb of the beloved apostle. A free afternoon to eat, shop, rest and explore on their own. Then we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants “The Goose” for the best pizza we’ve ever found in Rome.

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