Day 2 Spirit Catholic Radio in Israel: Cana, Nazareth & Transfiguration

by Steve Ray on November 15, 2019

If you think 3 buses is cumbersome, think again. If organized and punctual withThe best team it runs as smooth as silk.

We started with a sumptuous breakfast before heading to Cana to renew our wedding vows. Then Mass and Rosary at the Basilica of the Annunciation where 15-year old Mary heard the words, “Hail Full of Grace!” Then my talk “A Day In the Life of the Holy Family” where the Holy Family lived.

Lunch in Nazareth and then to the top of Mount Tabor—the place of the Transfiguration. Free time later in the day to swim and enjoy the Sea of Galilee before dinner and free evening.

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  • Pam Burnham says:

    I’m enjoying your blog and videos so much! It will be fun to watch your progress throughout your journey. I have a dear friend on the tour with you, and I’ve spotted her several times already. Take good care of her–she’s precious cargo!

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