Day 3, Part I: Beatitudes, to Banias, to Golan

by Steve Ray on April 14, 2011

A great day but too much for one video so I cut today’s video into two videos. Here is the first half. Enjoy! All is well.

Part I

Part II


  • Joyce & Paul says:

    Hi Susie & Terry,

    Looks like you are having a great time and having a great experience in the Holy Land. We enjoyed watching you on the videos.

    Joyce & Paul

  • Alisha says:

    Love the videos! So happy to see my Mississippi friend Amy on there! We love and miss her and are jealous….LOL Please be safe and we hope “Y’ALL” have fun….LOL

  • Juan-Carlos Garcia-Garavito says:

    Many thanks indeed Janet and Steve for keeping the good work with this Quality A+ tour you have prepared.

    I know you were almost late to take the transportation that took you for supper with the team, to have this videos ready for us on the web. May God bless you for that, too.

    Family is okay over here, no biking today, just walking to school for the children and me. Ohh, Mom, I forgot to prepare a lunch bag for Francisco today, as I thought today was pizza day and there was no need for extra snacks. They called me from the school as the boy was sad and I prepared a lunch bag in no time. Imagine the face of the boy when I got there …”where is my Mom” …. “I want my Mom … now” … “You are not passing the test, ehh Dad!!!”

    A hello to every one there. We do not know any of you, but as faces start to become familiar on the videos, with emotion we have new faces and people to pray for and wait for the opportunity to at least see you all in Heaven to enjoy new moments. Father Clemons: many thanks for joining the tour.

    The Will of God surround all of you with all the blessings from Heaven.

    Francisco, Joaquin, and Juan

  • John Meadows says:

    All I need to know is if my wife had the fish with the head on it or chose to partake of a differant item on the menu. It looks as thou you had a good day and the view from the restaurant was wonderful.
    I am looking forward to the adventure in the morning and the rest of the week. When are you going to start showing the bloobers?

  • Dottie Romine says:

    Dottie Kraft is my mom and I have been following her every day. She is keeping right up with everyone. Good for you. Rosh Pina looked like a very nice place to eat. The view was beautiful also. I bet mom had Salmon, didn’t she? Well I will keep watching, I feel like I am right there with her. What a wonderful idea the video is. Looking forward to tomorrows adventure. Have a wonderful time. I love you.
    Dottie Kay

  • Yvonne Pastore (Bob and Alice Lopez) says:

    Boy did we love the video today…but the winner, at least from the kiddos perspective was the little bird talking away outside the Chapel where the rock is that Jesus stood on to multiply the loaves and fish!

    May the Holy Spirit continue to accompany you all on your journey!

    You are loved and prayed for each day!

    Pax~ Yvonne

  • Dawn & David Gillet says:

    Hi Mom aka: Mom-mom,

    Melissa and I here, watching the videos and enjoying them ever so much. Lots of information ‘and great sites to see. Looks as though they are feeding y’all quite well though we didn’t see what you were having. Looks like you and Aunt Karen are having a great time, wish we were there. Take Care.
    Love Always,

    Dawn, David & Melissa

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