Day 7: Mount of Olives, Mount Zion, Mass at Gethsemane

by Steve Ray on February 24, 2011

Today we begin with 8 AM Mass at Gethsemane at the rock where Jesus sweat blood. Then to Pater Noster at the top of the Mount of Olives to pray at the place where Jesus taught his disciples the Our Father and from where he ascended into heaven.

Then walk down the Palm Sunday Road and catch the bus at the bottom of the mountain. Then we go to a Jewish kibbutz for lunch overlooking Bethlehem.

Following lunch we go to Mount Zion to see the Abbey of the Dormition where Mary “fell asleep” before her assumption into heaven. I will talk about the Assumption and why we as Catholics believe this dogma.

Next the Upper Room where three sacraments were instituted: priesthood, Eucharist and Reconciliation. Lastly we will visit St. Peter in Gallicantu (where the cock crowed). Here Peter denied Jesus and Jesus was tried and imprisoned over Holy Thursday night.

Many of us will walk from Mount Zion back to our hotel for some free time and my talk on “Palestinians and Israel” later this evening.

All is well. No injuries, no sickness, no complaints. What a great group! What a great trip!

Day Seven, Part One: Mount of Olives and Gethsemane

Day Seven, Part Two: Mount Zion


  • Josie says:

    Helloooo Beverly and Sarah!
    What an ambitious trip. I have thoroughly enjoyed the videos with story lines Dave has presented and posted online. What an education from his live journal.
    I’ve been looking for you two. Have you been avoiding the camera?
    Be safe and let the spirit guide you in your walk with Jesus,

  • Deb Logsdon says:

    Chris & John Klemmer – have been following your journey each day. Incredible! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see all of your photos.
    Lots of Luv,
    Mack & Deb

  • Renee Ramey says:

    Hi Kathy and John
    I am really enjoying your trip! I see you every once in awhile.
    . Be safe!!! Love you and Miss you both, Renee

  • Mary Elisabeth Denmon says:

    Hello Mom and Tim. The updates sound great and we continue to pray for your pilgrimage. I pray that as your time winds down you will be filled with the presence of the holy spirit, knowing your blessings in life. Remember, Tim asked Pat if she had faith and Pat said well of course……And so it began. Love ya’ll, Mary Elisabeth

  • Barb Jones says:

    Thank you, thank you to Pat, Tim, and who ever has helped put this website together for us. It has been a wonderful experience to follow in your footsteps and those of Jesus. You are all an inspiration to us. I am praying that the rest of your trip will be as wonderful.

    Love you, Barb Jones

  • David says:

    Hi Clare and Bern!!

    We all saw you guys on the videos – looks like you’re having a great trip! Nathaniel and Conroy think the videos are cool! Its weird to see you in places that I walked years (and years) ago. Stay safe and come home to us all soon!

    David, Nathaniel, Conroy, dog & cat

  • Mary Elisabeth Denmon says:

    Mimi and Tim, guess what? Victoria and Stuart are pregnant and having another bambino in September. Just wanted to let you know. xoxoxo, many prayers your way, Mary Elisabeth

  • Ellen Hoppe says:

    Hello Grandma Lorraine! We look forward to the video clips every day and seeing just a glimpse of how awesome your experience is. This morning Paul is at work and Will and I are are watching all the clips all over again. We all miss you terribly and send our love; we know this is an amazing, emotional, and beautiful journey. We pray for you every day. Love you!

  • Will Hoppe says:

    Hi Grandma! This is Will. I just wanted to say hi and that I really miss you. When you come back, after you adjust to the time change, I would really like to spend the whole day with you. I love you!

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