Day 8: Milan to Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano

by Steve Ray on June 22, 2022

The main portion of our a Oberammergau Passion play Pilgrimage through Germany, Switzerland and Italy has come to an end. Half of our pilgrims flew home this morning and the other half consolidated with us and one bus and headed south through Italy.

We were sad to say goodbye to them all and to our Polish guides Olga and Yatzik and our two excellent drivers. They all did a marvelous job and will be working with them again in August with our second Oberammergau trip.

It was a long day on the bus but we filled it with stories and prayers and naps and frequent rest stops and lunch. We made the best of it, but there were two accidents along the freeway that brought traffic to a stand still for about two hours.

We had Mass in front of the oldest and grandest of the Eucharistic miracles which is in Lunciano Italy. This miracle happened in the 700’s when a monk doubted the Real Presence and was surprised to have the host turn into heart muscle and drip blood from his hands.You’ll see more of this in the video below.

We had a nice dinner and settled into our hotel in Lanciano preparing for the Face Cloth of Christ in Manoppello Italy tomorrow on our way to Rome.

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