Day 9: Facecloth of Christ in Manoppello to Rome

by Steve Ray on June 23, 2022

Beautiful view of the Abruzzo Mountains from our breakfast window. We left the Excelsior Hotel in Lanciano and drove the one hour to Manoppello where we have the “Volto Santo — “the Holy Face”.

We had Mass in front of the Volto Santo which is always a highlight of our pilgrimages to Italy. The Face Cloth of Christ was the cloth that was covering his face in the tomb. When his life came back through the power of God, the image of that resurrection life imprinted itself on the translucent fabric made of muscle silk.

Paul Badde, the author of the Ignatius Press’s book “The Face of God” joined us for Mass and shared a few words to the delight of our pilgrims.

Then off to Rome with a few stops at rest areas and for lunch along the way. We settled in Rome and went out to a beautiful restaurant for dinner.

Bella Roma!


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