Day One in the Holy Land

by Steve Ray on September 1, 2007

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After we loaded the luggage on the bus we took off north to Galilee. Amer Shehadeh, our local guide assisting me, and I gave everyone introductions and helped them all realize they were REALLY here! We tried to keep everyone awake so they would sleep better tonight. Our Corporate Travel escort, Dee McNoskey has come with us four times and is serving the pilgrims with class – again

We decided to have Mass before dinner so people could get to bed earlier. We arrived at the Church of the Primacy of St. Peter around 6:30 PM. Protestants call this site the Mensa Christi ("Table of the Lord") for obvious reasons. We had a beautiful outdoor Mass as the sun was setting, birds were singing in the trees over head. Nothing like standing on the shore where Jesus stood. We are truly walking on holy ground.

People seemed pleasantly surprised by how nice the Pilgerhaus (Pilgrim House) is. Gorgeous surroundings right on the shore where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes. After a good dinner (as you'll see in the video), everyone headed to bed — except for a few hearty souls including Fr. Bernie Fraser and Fr. Steve Burr who are still sitting on the huge deck looking out over the sea. These are good friends of ours and we can tell they are wonderful pastors and their parishes are VERY blessed to have them.

I am not too pleased with the quality of this video but will check into finding a better file format to work with Microsoft Movie Maker. But at least t is is working 🙂  Enjoy!


  • Rebecca Gillich says:

    Grandma Becky and Aunt Lynn,

    Hope you are having a great first few days. I love the fact that I can watch your trip. Grandma I can’t believe you are already drinking a beer. Do they have Guinness there too? Just kidding. Love you both so much and hope you safe and blessed time!!

    Thanks Steve for sharing your wonderful site with all of us!!
    Rebecca Gillich (Reynolds)

  • Jim Cooley says:

    Hi Mom and Dad (Audrey and Clark)
    Looks like a great trip with lots of nice people and good food. We are so very excited for you. Make sure to include yourselves in the pictures you take.
    Robin and I made the mistake of not doing so in Ireland and regret it. Very excited to see the daily posts. Have a great second day in the holy land.
    We love you.
    Jim, Robin, Emma, and Mairin

  • Megan Maszk says:

    Hi Clark and Audrey Cooley,

    It is wonderful to see both of you. Thinking of you and hope you are having
    a fabulous time.

    Thanks for sharing the video with us, Steve.

    We Love You!!

    Kelly, Megan, Riley, and Lauren – and the entire Cooley group!!

  • Jim and Ian Renfer says:

    Fr. Steve,

    Looks like a great trip so far. Try to get in more of the movie! We will pray for you.

    See ya,

    Jim and Ian Renfer

  • Jerry LaMonica says:

    It is very nice to see our brothers and sisters in Christ as they begin experiencing the Holy Land. I look forward to checking in to You Tube daily to see the progress. One comment: When the group first arrived at the airport, in order for us to determine that we were watching the correct group, I suggest it somehow be announced who the leader(s) of the group are and from where they originated. It is difficult recognizing faces as the camera moves quite quickly. Until I heard that Father Bernard was the mass celebrant I was not certain that I was watching the group from my parish. ….. Just a friendly suggeation! Jerry LaMonica

  • Hey Mom (Mary) and Aunt Jan.
    Sent you a message yesterday but do not see it posted, so I am not sure if you received it. We are checking the site daily and are enjoying, so much, seeing the two of you. To be in such a holy place must be so fulfilling. It is truly a joy to know how happy you both must be. We love you very much and are sending up a lot of prayers!!!

    All our Love,
    Donna and the Gang xoxoxoxoxo

  • barbara zub says:

    Greetings to Father Bernard,

    A warm hello to you from Taylor. We have been watching your trip on the internet. What a wonderful journey you and fellow parishioners are on. To walk the very steps that Jesus walked is ausim. To swim in the Sea of Galilee and see
    the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest is so special.
    We are praying for your safe return.

    Wally & Barbara Zub

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