Day Six: Via Dolorosa, Mass at the Tomb, St. Ann's, Western Wall….

by Steve Ray on February 23, 2011

It was another banner day but this one started with a 4:30 AM wake up call. The videos will explain why 🙂

I am posting today in two parts since we had so much going on. Everyone had the afternoon and evening free to explore, pray, nap, or whatever they wanted to do. I know that most went back to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.




  • Doug Daunis says:


    Those falafals looked so good Marylyn and I went out and ate some hushpuppies and beignets!

  • Carmen says:

    I’m moved just watching these videos – only wish I was with all of you.
    Shirley Berney – I can tell this is an amazing trip for you
    love you ! can’t wait to see pics and hear the stories when you get home.
    God Bless all – enjoy

  • Elizabeth Ramos says:

    Hi Mom and Dad,

    I am positive today’s trip to the tomb was an amazing spiritual experience. Flora and I have a big plans for this evening. We are going to the Golden Eagle for dinner. Now, I just have to find those darn coupons….

    Elizabeth and Flora Ramos

  • Mary Elisabeth Denmon says:

    This is just amazing that you all are experiencing such an incredible gift. Please know that we pray for each one of you for your hearts to be filled with the love of Jesus Christ as you experience his paths. Mom and Tim, we miss you much and we are all well here in Dallas, Texas. Brandon is more sore than me from his trail run on Saturday. Or, maybe I am just tougher 🙂 Brandon leaves for NC tomorrow and will return Friday night. Last weekend with no sports for a while I am sure. Baseball starts next Tuesday. Continue to enjoy, and know we are so excited for you both. Love, Brandon, Mary Elisabeth, Colton and Logan Elisabeth

  • Paul Hoppe says:


    I hope you had a chance to relax this afternoon. It looks like you have done a lot of walking, and had a chance to eat some very delicious foods…

    We have followed along each day (just needed time to shovel snow), and look forward to each installment. BTW, you haven’t missed much with our weather!!!

    Love, Ellen, Paul and Will

  • Kathy Burlile says:

    Hi Chris & John,

    Saw you in the Hebron video and dancing at the Samer Restaurant-a good opportunity to work off some of the delicious food you’ve been eating! I could tell you had a very emotional day at the Holy Sepulchre. It’s been a fantastic journey just watching the videos-wish I could be there! Oh…thanks for your text. Love, Kathy

    Thank you Steve for the clips about Mary as the Ark of the New Testament and being able to hear the Our Father recited in Aramaic.

  • Cindy and Stella says:

    Hello Chris and John Klemmer, Steve and all of the pilgrims.
    I picked up Mother and brought her to our house so that she can watch and enjoy the blogs. We are so impressed by the beautiful churches, the history of the area and the sites you have seen. This truly is a trip of a lifetime.
    Troy finally plowed our streets. Kevin just LOVES your three driveways!! Ha Ha
    Be safe, enjoy,
    Cindy and Mother

  • Grandpa there was no video of you dancing???????? Where were you.. Looks like a fun time. Saw the next days clips too. How incredibly special and emotional to be at Christs’ tomb. It brought tear to my eyes, I can’t even imagine how special and spiritual it was for both of you. Isn’t it good to believe in the Lord our God. How special and thank you both for the gift of the Christian religion which has it has now become my faith. Some day I hope to have the same journey you are experiencing this week. Watching the video makes me want to be there too. It’s on my wish list now.

    Well we are getting ready for the ski trip leaving early in the am. We will miss watching Grandma wave (yes we saw you waving, so cute for the kids) and the amazing pix of you and dad at the tomb. Keep enjoying your time there. we will see you on Sunday. We miss you both so much, it’s starting to hurt now.

    Love and Blessings to all of you,
    Eric, becky, RJ, Maggie, Chad and Spencer

  • Marie Clancey says:

    Hi Sarah (Elliott),
    I spent almost two hours watching the videos and reading articles on Stephen’s blog. Enjoying seeing all that you’re doing and am also learning so much from Stephen’s teaching. Going up on Mt. Tabor would be such a highlight. The Transfiguration is one of my favorite readings because it confirms in my mind that when I ask Our Lady, Mom & Dad, Brian and the saints to pray with me, my prayers are not in vain. The apostles seeing Jesus with Moses & Elijah is a glimpse of eternal life. Walking the Via Dolorosa in the predawn hours must have been so moving! The Mass your first evening with the moon rising over the Sea of Gallilee…what a sight! Embrace all of these experiences! I’m praying for you, (and I’m sure many others are too) and for all of your fellow pilgrims.

  • Kristen Geving says:

    Hello! It has been such a pleasure to follow my parents and aunt (Jerry and Donna Lawrason and Debbie Deidrick) on this spiritual journey. Tom and I are so glad everyone is safe and enjoying this experience. Again, say hello to my mama, papa and Aunt Debbie….Tom and I think about them every day and look forward to watching them on video. We miss them a lot and can’t wait until they are home.

    Kristen and Tom Geving

  • Jeremia and Melissa says:

    Hi Mom (Mary) and Dad (Tony),
    We watched the videos and this trip looks amazing. you guys are seeing the bible come to life and it is very inspiring and defenitly something that we would like to do some day. We hope all is well and can’t wait to see you and hear about all the beautiful and holy places that you experienced. love you and miss you lots.

    Jeremia, Melissa and Emily

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