Day Three in Israel

by Steve Ray on June 6, 2010

Another great day with no problems but a lot of great things happening. Today we went on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Then we visited the museum to see the Ancient Jesus Boat — a boat 2,000 years old found in the Sea of Galilee.

Then we had Mass on the top of the Mount of Beatitudes before driving north to Banias — Caesarea Philippi. I told my conversion story on one bus while Teresa Tomeo and the priests told their stories on the other two buses.

We visited the huge rock where Jesus said, “You are Peter (Rock) and on this rock I will build my Church.” Here we also renewed our baptismal vows in the headwaters of the Jordan River.

Next we had lunch at a Druze Restaurant, drove along the Syrian border and gave everone the last part of the afternoon free. Buses 1 and 2 drove north to Rosh Pina for dinner at Aberge Shulamit (more on this later). Everyone had a great time with the comedy club on the bus on the ride home.

Everyone is doing fine and having a great time. People comments today on how safe and beautiful the country is.


  • Jennifer Coffey says:

    Dear Grandpa and Pa,
    We saw you in the video. Did you go on a boat? We want you to be safe. What are you going to buy us? We love you Grandpa and Pa!
    Jack and Dean

  • The Yezaks says:

    Mr. Ray,
    Thank you for the videos and updates. The trip looks absolutely amazing. God bless and keep everyone.

  • Paula Goward says:

    Mr. Ray,
    Thank you so much for sharing these posts and videos. We are enjoying “being on the trip with my Mom” and seeing what she does each day and possibly getting to see her.

    Just want to add “Happy Birthday, Mom” (mary goward, june 7)

  • grace brylinski says:

    This is for Mary Goward: Happy birthday, Grandma!!!!! I love you, and I hope you’re having fun.


  • paula goward says:

    Mr. Ray
    Thank you for all these blogs and videos. My kids and I are enjoying “taking the trip” with you through these and enjoying seeing glimpses of Grandma/Mom occasionally.

    Also, to Mary Goward, Happy Birthday!(june 7)

    Thank you.

  • Grace Brylinski says:

    This is for Mary Goward: Happy birthday, Grandma! I love you, and hope you’re having a great time!


  • Deb Crane says:

    Thank you for posting your trip…I love getting a visual of the trip and my sister (Karen Deal)!

  • Cuffy Goward says:

    Happy Birthday Mom – we’re thinking of you!

    Have fun and be nice to Diane.



  • Diane Lesniak says:

    Thank you for all of the posts. My heart is singing for my mom, I know how happy this trip is making her.
    Please give her a hug for me and wish her a very happy birthday today. Love you Mom.

  • Diane Lesniak says:

    OOOPS, my mom is Mary Goward, of course you could just go and hug all those women till you get one
    whos birthday it is. Diane

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