Dodging Rain This Morning in Galway Ireland

by Steve Ray on August 30, 2012

You can see the run-walk here on EveryTrail. You can watch the videos, follow the map and see lots of pictures of the city, plus the rainbow.

Would have walked faster and further had it not been for the cold rain. Galway is a nice university town, young, friendly, quaint and clean. You will enjoy the beautifully painted and flowers but avoid the rain which I failed to do. It always angers me to see the churches and properties King Henry VIII stole from the Catholic Church while killing the priests and monks. It was blue sky when I left and when I got away it poured cold rain. I learned my lesson – be prepared for rain in Ireland!

We are here prepping for the pilgrimage we will lead through Ireland in September.

Click here to see the interactive trek



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  • Amy Mitchell says:

    It might rain every day here, but it also is usually mild enough for a walk between the showers. Glad to hear of a pilgrimage focusing on Catholic Ireland. Check out Holy Trinity parish in Adare, it is possibly one of the earliest places of the Irish martyrs under Henry VIII, as the Trinitarians were the first maryrs although their written accounts were often disregarded.
    If you are coming to Kerry, give us a shout. We would love to offer hospitality!

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