Egypt-Jordan Pilgrimage Postponed

by Steve Ray on February 1, 2011

giza-pyramids-at-dusk.28214912_stdUPDATE 2/7/2011: We just received word from Egypt that most of the deposited money will be refunded though it will take a week or two to get the money due to chaos in Egypt, especially with the banks. We are now working on Delta airlines to get a refund from them as well.

To Effected Pilgrims: Please be patient as Corporate Travel is working professionally on your behalf to get your money back to you. Give them time to get this all resolved. They are doing a great job! Also, we have rescheduled the trip for Feb. 7, 2012. Updates soon from Corporate Travel.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: To no one’s surprise, we had to postpone our Egypt and Jordan pilgrimage. We had planned to be in Egypt starting February 4, but the uprising made the pilgrimage impossible.

My own Egyptair flights from Bombay to Cairo were canceled; our pilgrims’ flights on Delta from the US to Cairo were canceled. But we couldn’t have taken people anyway as we watched the downward spiraling situation. We would never take pilgrims into harm’s way.

Corporate Travel is doing an exceptional job handling all the problems related to postponement. I am grateful to them for their professionalism.

We are sorry to have this happen. Egypt is a wonderful country and I hope that after the transition — it will even be better. The population is over 20% Christian! Our pilgrimages support them since we use only Christian agents, guides and resources.

Since this trip was postponed, the next one is planned for February 7, 2012 and many of the pilgrims are already planning to join us on that trip — assuming things are calm and it is safe to go. Stay tuned at!

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