Europe 5 ZurIch Switzerland

by Steve Ray on August 14, 2022

After a lot of pretty early mornings everyone was delighted that we didn’t leave the hotel until 9:50 AM. Sleep in a bit and a leisurely morning and breakfast. Celebrated Mass at Liebfrauenkirke which means the “Church of our Lovely Lady”. This is probably Janet and my favorite church along this pilgrimage.

I gave a short short talk on the history of, and the meaning of the artwork in the church and all the symbolism from the Book of Revelation. I  drew everyone’s attention to the Apostles Creed in the rafters — placed so you can’t miss it! Jesus is presented as the Lamb, since in the Book of Revelation that is his most prominent title used — 30 times!

Here is Fr. Fran’s excellent homily on a very tough passage from the gospels..

Guided tour of the Old Town of Zürich. Ended with the Fraumunster Protestant Church containing the stunning and brightly-colored Chagall windows: 1) the Prophets window, 2) the  Jacob window, 3) the Christ window, 4) the Zion window, 5) the Moses & Law window. And set apart, the Rose window with the story of Genesis. I gave a short talk here to explain what they would see in sight.

Lunch in the many restaurants and cafés in downtown Zürich. Free afternoon before we headed to dinner at the Echo rRestaurant and back to the hotel for bed. Tomorrow we leave for Milan Italy.

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