We Looked into the Face of God Today – literally – in Manoppello

by Steve Ray on June 21, 2013


The Reliquary containing the Face Cloth of Jesus, the Face of God!

Today we visited “The Face of God” here in Manoppello Italy. This cloth is woven of mussel shell threads and the face of Christ can clearly be seen at the moment of his coming to life in the resurrection. We talked about it for a half an hour on Sean Herriott’s show on Relevant Radio.

On the cloth we see Jesus’ eyes are open and his face is beaten and bruised. He is looking you right in the eyes! This cloth covered Jesus’ face in the Tomb.

Click on the image to go to Amazon.com and see the book

It would be wise of everyone to get the book by German journalist Paul Badde. It is an Ignatius Press book entitled “The Face of God” and is written like a detective story following the cloth from the time it was first seen by Sts. Peter and John at the Tomb in Jerusalem (John 20:7).


How would you like to look into the eyes of God yourself?

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