Fascinating 10-minute Black & White 1929 Movie of the Holy Land

by Steve Ray on June 20, 2020

This black & white movie of the Holy Land from 1929. What a different world than we know today. Interesting scenes of pilgrims arriving at about the 7:30 second mark; Nazareth around 7:50 with girl like Mary carrying a water jug on her head.

They show the Garden Tomb as the place of the crucifixion and burial so it was obviously a British Protestant doing the filming. Enjoy a step back in time!

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  • The holy land belongs to Christian, Islam, and Jews. Not only for the Jews. But the zionists want to conquer and monopoly the Holy Land.

    STEVE RAY HERE: And Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has freedom of religion and protects all peoples. Terrorists are the exception. Israel is a free and democratic society and Christians are mostly grateful for the government provided by Israel.

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