Finishing the Pilgrimage

by Steve Ray on March 18, 2007


On Day Eight we took a group for an optional trip to Masada, Qumran, the Dead Sea and Jericho. Here is a video clip from that day.

PIlgrims with Steve in Jerusalem 03-2007

Pilgrims are now all safely home. The day after everyone left, we took our video crew to Nablus to get the scenes needed for our next DVD on the Apostolic Fathers. Justin Martyr was born in Nablus, which was then called Samaria and Flavia Neapolis.

Our filming in Nablus went fine. It was closed for several weeks but we were able to get in with the help of Fr. Josef who is the Greek Catholic priest in Nablus. We filmed at the Well of Jacob where Jesus got a drink from the Samaritan Woman. We also found the ruins of the Roman city of Flavias Neapolis where Justin Martyr was born.

We're now on our way to film in Lyons France to catch the segment on Irenaeus of Lyons for our Apostolic Fathers DVD. More soon.

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  • Elizabeth Chewter says:

    Hi Steve and Janet,

    Well done on another glorious pilrimage. Thanks again for the blog – brilliant!! I hope your Lyons trip goes well. I’m looking forward to the dvd. Say hi to England as you fly over (near)!

    God bless you both,

  • Thanks to Steve & Janet Ray, Emily Ray, Dee, Teresa Tomeo & Dominick Pastore for a great pilgrimage. I will advise anyone I know to go to the Holy Land with them. Special thanks to Fr. Ed Fride of Christ the King and Fr. Andrew Bloomfield. We were fortunate to have such great priests to guide us. The trip was a life-changing event, and safety was never an issue. By the way, for all fellow pilgrims who did not get my e-mail address, here it is:

    Oswald Sobrino
    Christ the King parish, Ann Arbor,

  • Anna Marie Janssens says:

    Our pilrimage was absolutely breathtaking. Steve and Amer completed the sites with their bibilical and historical knowledge. I wish we were still there!

    I second Oswald’s comments regarding our special blessings with the addition of Fr. Ed and Fr. Andrew…including the Brother from Rome!

    Seriously there is much to much to write about the entire trip. Lifetime memories!

    I have photos that Rodney, chaplin of a CA prison, wanted but I need his email address. Help please.

    Marie Janssens

  • Joe and Charlene says:

    We can’t say enough about our experience with Steve, Janet, Teresa and Dominic. The pilgrimage was more than we ever could have expected. Our brains could not absorb all that we experienced, but as we settle back into the “real world”, we continue to digest the treasures that were uncovered for us. We already have found that reading the Gospels; will never be the same for us. The images in our minds of the Holy Sites we saw in Israel will be with us forever. We thank all of you for providing this opportunity for us. Have Father Ed, Father Andrew and Seminarian Luke, as well as the 3 deacons was an added blessing. God Bless and keep up the Great Works.

    Joe and Charlene

  • Thanks for doing this Steve. Blogging a religious pilgrimage was a brilliant idea. I look forward to watching the whole DVD when it comes out, and I do hope you’ll continue to do this in the future. By the way, when are you planning your next international trip? I think I might like to join your group for an overseas adventure.

    Shane Schaetzel

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