First Surprising Day in Mexico!

by Steve Ray on November 27, 2018

I say “surprising” because most people in the United States consider Mexico to be dangerous, dirty, unfriendly and they might even get kinapped or acquire Montezuma’s revenge.

This is old thinking because Mexico, at least the places were visiting, is clean, safe, friendly, very Catholic and has some of the best hotels and restaurants that we use on any of our pilgrimages. And no one has ever gotten Montezuma’s revenge on our trips here because we’re careful.

Enjoy the movie of today all the way from the airplane up to Querétaro. We ended our day at the Hacienda Americana Galindo.

After a great dinner we celebrated Mass in the chapel here and Fr. James Conlon gave one of his excellent homilies, this time on what a pilgrimage is and how people should prepare for one. You can hear/watch that homily here.

Good night from  Mexico!

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