Fishing Boats, Mass Atop Mt. Tabor, Wedding Vows Renewed in Cana, Nazareth

by Steve Ray on March 12, 2019

Stunning sunrise with fisherman coming in from the night. Mass on top of the Mountain of Transfiguration before renewing our wedding vows in Cana of Galilee. From there to a great lunch in Nazareth and visiting the Church of the Assumption where Mary heard the words “Hail Full of Grace…” (Homily here.)

People think the Incarnation happened in Bethlehem but God became flesh in Nazareth! At the declaration of the angel and the Fiat of Mary the cells in her womb were both human and divine. God had become man!

Free time in the afternoon to swim, meditate on Scripture, share a bottle of wine looking out over the sea or taking a nap. Some people walked through Tiberias for a nice stroll along the sea. Join us again tomorrow.


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