From Avila to Zaragosa: Site of 1st Marian Apparition!

by Steve Ray on April 14, 2015

Beautiful drive thru central Spain, driving around Madrid from Avila to Zaragosa in Spain. Enjoy the drive and the fun along the way. 

We arrived at the spectacular Basilica of the Pillar on the Ebro River and right at our hotel. We had Mass here and saw the pillar of the 1st ever Apparition of Mary. After that we had free time and then a spectacular and authentic Spanish meal. 

Great homily by Fr. Alfonso Aguilar who is from Spain. His homily at the Basilica of The Pillar was an exceptional explanation of St. James and the Blessed Mother. Enjoy and be edified!


  • karen o'neill says:

    Wishing you joyful last days on your trip. Is Donna getting her morning caffeine? The Canadians say “shalom”

    love, Karen

  • Nichelle Williams says:

    We are enjoying the daily videos very much! What fun to see what you are all seeing and experiencing. I’m not sure about the blood sausages and snails, but I trust you all enjoyed them. Mom and dad, we hope you are having a wonderful time and we miss you! See you soon!

  • Jeanine S. says:

    Looks like another amazing day!! Thank you for bringing us along with you on your incredible journey! Mom and Dad — miss you, love you and can’t wait to hear about your trip when you’re home!!

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