Galilee Boat Ride, Syrian Border, Caesarea Philippi, Haifa & Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on January 1, 2023

Our schedule got changed a little bit because of New Year’s Day and certain closures but we still covered it all and added more.

We started out today with the lovely boat ride on the sea of Galilee before driving up to the Syrian border where we talk to the folks about the situation and the countries in the Middle East.

We had Druze bread sandwiches up in the Golan Heights, and then visited Caesarea Philippi where Jesus said to Peter “You Are Rock and on this rock, I will build My Church!“

Then we headed southwest to Haifa and the Mediterranean Coast looking out over the cliffs. This is where Elijah stayed and is the Headquarters of the Carmelites. We had Mass in the Monks Chapel. Then I gave my Conversion sStory on both buses on our way to Jerusalem. Msgr. Droll also shared his location, story and both buses.

Then we arrived at the Notre Dame in Jerusalem, which will be our home base for the next five days.

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