Germany Berlin All Day! Berlin Wall, Wow!

by Steve Ray on September 8, 2017

After celebrating mass at the church of Saint Thomas Aquinas (brilliant homily here) we spent the rest of the day touring Berlin. There’s a tremendous amount of history here and we packed a lot in.

IMG_5439I think the most moving part of the day was as we walked around the remaining segments of the Berlin Wall and saw all the pictures and images of what it was like here not too long ago.

Janet and I shared with the group our experience here in 1985 when we smuggled Bibles, books, medicine and money into the Christians behind the Iron Curtain by driving through checkpoint Charlie.

The first video details our tour of the city and the second shorter video is of our fun evening on the dinner cruise on the Spree River running through Berlin.

Everyone is doing fine and having a great time and getting over jet leg 🙂

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