Gift of a Rock

by Steve Ray on April 5, 2009


Caesarea Philippi - Banais

Hello Steve, Hope you are well.  Just thought I’d share this experience with you that I had the other day. I was praying the other day in front of the Southfield abortion clinic. An older man stopped by who asked if he could pray with me.  We talked. He is Catholic and told me his name is Peter.  “Coincidentally”, I had one of the “Peter” rocks in my car that I brought back from the cave in Banias.   I don’t know of anyone named Peter (that I can think of off hand anyway).  But, I had this rock in my car, along with a rosary, to give to my priest that night.

So, when this older guy told me his name was Peter, I said, “hey, I have something in my car for you”. So, I brought him the rock.  I figured he thought I was crazy. I told him the story and then just said he could use it for a paper weight if he wanted. He was looking very thoughtfully and then said, “or I could use it to think when I pray; to think how it took Peter some time to come around too”!


Where Jesus said, "You are Rock, and on this rock I will build My Church."

He then went on to explain how hard it is sometimes to do the right thing, but we always have to remember why we are doing it and Who we are doing it for, and that it wasn’t always easy for the disciples either, in particular Peter.  Anyway, I figure the Holy spirit sent Peter to me that day when I had the rock in my car so I could give it to him and that he would appreciate it.

Just thought I’d share that little story with you because I don’t think it was a coincidence.

Thanks again for leading our group on such a wonderful trip.  Memories and experiences come back to me every day as I read Scripture and/or attend Mass or Stations.  It’s really special to have those memories and be able to relate in such a personal way to the life and story of Jesus. I also attended a one man play last weekend on the “Gospel of John”. It was a Leonardo di Filippis presentation and it was excellent.  Of course, during the entire Gospel, I could just relate to everything so much more clearly. I was riveted the entire time, more especially because of just having this wonderful pilgrimage experience.

For more on Peter and the Rock, check out my book Upon this Rock, my DVD Peter, Keeper of the Keys, and the blog link here.

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  • Cherry and Lauren,
    You’re looking great. Give Steve and Janet a hug from us.
    Get lots of sleep on the plane as we expect you at Book Club with Teresa Tomeo on Tuesday at noon. God bless.

    Stan and Dorrie

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