Great Day 4: Boat Ride, Eat My Flesh, Eat the Fish, Up to Jerusalem, Exclusive Entry to Christ’s Tomb and more

by Steve Ray on September 4, 2014

A whirlwind day with the morning finishing up in Galilee and then after eating St. Peter’s fish in Capernaum we headed south going up to Jerusalem. We stopped at the church of the visitation before arriving at the Notre Dame Hotel.

After checking in we walked over to the Holy Sepulchre inside the old city of Jerusalem. The Franciscans greeted us and we had an exclusive entrance into the tomb of Christ. There was a lot of pomp and circumstance, organ playing and songs in Latin. Everyone got to pray inside the tomb. 

After that we went to the top of Calvary and everyone was able to touch the place where Jesus’ cross stood. I reminded them that if they had touched that 2,000 years ago their hands would come up sticky with his blood. It was a marvelous day.

Tomorrow we spend the whole day in Bethlehem ending with dinner in a tent was Arabic dancing. (If you can’t see video yet, try again in a few minutes after YouTube finishes processing it)

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