Holy Land Day 2: Transfiguration, Cana and Nazareth

by Steve Ray on September 12, 2012

After a good night’s sleep everyone was much refreshed and we had a great day at three Rosary sites. Everyone ended the day swimming in the Sea of Galilee (well not everyone, but most of the group).

Tomorrow I will be on the radio with Teresa Tomeo to discuss the Sorrows of Mary. We are walking through the places where Mary had her sorrows and we will discuss some of her sorrows that most people don’t even think about.


  • Annette Carlson says:

    Hi Tom & Ginny, Steve, Janet & crew,
    Saw the wonderful video & the feelings of joy that you all must be going through is so hard to describe. Prayers to everyone for another beautiful day in the Holy Land. I told you both before you left how awesome it would be, by the look of your fellow pilgrims I think we stand correct on that! Enjoy & God Bless!

    Bob & Annette Carlson
    La Grange, KY

  • Julie Hansen says:

    Hi Gretchen and Jeff,

    Glad to see that you made it safe and sound. I thought you looked very refreshed when you arrived even though you had just made a 12 hour flight as well as traveling all day. I have seen you at every site, on the bus sitting behind Father, renewing your Wedding vows, returning to the bus from the Church of the Annunciation. Just seeing the food at the Ron Beach hotel makes me hungry and reminds me of how good the food was back when I was there in May. Looks like you are having nice weather as well. Know that you and Steve, Janet, Amer, the Bus Driver and all of the pilgrims on your trip are in my prayers. May you have a very blessed time and receive all of the graces that go with being on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land. Love and prayers – Your cousin – Julie.

  • loved it hope it is a wonderful for you 2. looking forward to the updated adventure
    have fun and God bless

  • Angee MacMurray says:

    What happened to my comments??? I don’t know how to make them stay or do they get cleared? Steve…I left messages for my parents, Robert and Constance Loveall, while they were with you, but I can’t pull them up to share with them, now. Did you ever receive them? I saw them actually post when I did them, but I cannot see them now. HELP?

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