Holy Land Day 7: Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Mount Zion, Upper Room

by Steve Ray on September 17, 2012

Another great day! Hoping family and friends of the pilgrims are enjoying the virtual pilgrimage with their loved ones.

Morning of Day 7

Afternoon of Day 7


  • Julie Hansen says:

    To All,
    It has been a great pilgrimage even for those of us watching from at home. I feel just like I am there with all of you again. I especially enjoyed Steve’s walk around the city at 4:00AM. Have a wonderful final day of the trip. I am praying for all of you and especially Gretchen and Jeff for a safe trip home.

    Your cousin Julie

  • Tony & Carolyn Utter says:

    Robert and Constance, we know you’re having a wonderful time with Steve, Janet, Amer and the other pilgrims. We’re looking forward to getting together with you after the trip to share our common experience in the Holy Land, where the Catholic Church began. God bless everyone!

    Tony and Carolyn Utter

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