Holy Land Pilgrimage Day 3

by Steve Ray on January 24, 2008

Today was spent following the footprints of Jesus around the Sea of Galilee. Tomorrow we go to the Lebanese border to visit Caesarea Philippi and then down to Jerusalem. Enjoy.

Video moved to my Pilgrimage website here.


  • Linda Medley says:

    Jean Addleton, i saw you!! Hope you are having a very blessed time. I will be praying for you, Love linda

  • Mary Robertson says:

    Thank you so much for doing such a good job of documenting your trip and for sharing it so quickly. Your group is in my thoughts and prayers. Please say hello to my mother, Nettie McClain. I’ve been able to spot her in a few of the pictures. We love and miss her! God Speed, Mary

  • kate whitman says:

    Dear Mom,
    I will miss you very much!I love you!Geuss what ?Dad is parking his car in the garge!I can’

  • Paul, Debbie, & Jimmy Pfeifer says:

    TO; Julie Whitman,
    Wow, we are following and praying for and with you! Hello to fellow CTK parishoners, our prayers are with all of you.

    The Paul Pfeifer Family

  • Terry DeMao says:

    Hi Steve,
    Wish I was there AGAIN! Just watched Day 1, and I don’t remember Cesarea by the sea! We didn’t go there last Nov., did we?

    Please leave a prayer request for Tom Buckley’s healing at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre? Thanks.


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