Holy Land Pilgrimage Day One

by Steve Ray on April 8, 2010

All has gone perfectly, though one suitcase was lost. All are happy, safe and well fed. We arrived in the sunlight so all could see the Sea of Galilee as we descended into Tiberias. Dinner was great, everyone loves the hotel and the weather is magnificent.

Here is the short video so you can join us on our first day. Tomorrow we go to the Mountain of Transfiguration (Mount Tabor), to Cana to renew wedding vows, and to Nazareth to visit the place where Gabriel announced the Good News to Mary and where the Incarnation began. We will have Mass there and learn about the Silent Thirty Years of Jesus in the very place where it happened!


  • Michelle Hughes says:

    I am looking for the Verna’s Father is Tom and the mother is Nikki with 4 children, Max, Charlie, Sidney and Alice. Did not see them in our video. Are they with your group? Hope you have a wonderful trip. Thank you for doing this.

  • Hello to all but a very special shout out to the VERNA family.
    Happy to see that you have arrived safely! Would love to see the
    Vernas on the tube. Have a beautiful & blessed day!

    The Teccos

  • christine ferro says:

    hi family, nicky , tom, max, syd, charlie and alice – sorry to hear about the lugguge. – hopefully, it is not the snack bag. alice, mrs comely misses you already. sounds lile all is well there. i was surprised ro see from the bus ride that the country side is so modern. will check in tomorrow. have fun and enjoy everything. love you all, grand,o, and poppy

  • Anita Morro says:

    Lifting up in prayer your entire tour group but most especially, the Tom and Nicky Verna Family. Praise and Glory to His mighty awesomeness!! Love,Anita Morro and family (friends and baby sitters of the Verna babies)

  • Scott says:

    Pat and Pattie,

    Wish we could be there with you! Wow! What a pilgrimage! Can wait to see what tomorrow will bring. The Transfiguration. You guys look great.

    scott, nancy, and mary christine

    p.s. steve great website and blog! Thanks!

  • Sarah Kalina says:

    We are so thankful to see that everyone arrived safely…. Looks like the journey will be amazing… Take lots of pictures. We are praying for you Texas style!!!!

  • Madeline Queen says:

    Hi! This is Madeline Queen. My dad and grandpa (David and Ruben Queen) are traveling on this Israel trip. I just wanted to say hi and let them know I was thinking about them! I watched the video and it looks like a blast! I can’t wait to talk my dad into taking ME next time! God bless everyone there and have a fun, safe trip!
    Love, Mad

  • Chelsea and Justin petty says:

    So neat can’t wait to watch the next one!!! Tell my mom and dad we love them!!

  • Bradens in Stratford says:

    Loved watching the 1st day video!!! Kids were yelling “Hi, Granny” & “Hi, Grandpa”!!! GLAD y’all made it safely……….

  • Jackie Klunk says:

    Hi Pat and Pattie,
    I’m so glad you arrived safely. It looks beautiful there!

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