Incorrupt Saints of Paris: Sts. Catherine Laboure & Vincent de Paul; Boat Ride on Seine River

by Steve Ray on June 11, 2019

After visiting the Church of the Miraculous Metal where we  venerated and prayed at the incorrupt Body of Saint Catherine Labore, we walked a block or two away to have Mass in front of the glass tomb of Saint Vincent de Paul who body is also incorrupt (homily here). Very meaningful and powerful for us all.

The boat ride on the Seine River took us through the heart of Paris where we saw many of the iconic monuments, churches and sites of the most visited city in the world

Everyone had the afternoon free to explore Paris and do the things they’ve always wanted to do and to check things off their bucket list.

We re-gathered in the evening for a fantastic dinner where we culminated this magnificent pilgrimage. Tomorrow morning everybody goes to the airport and flies home.

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  • Marcia Sipe says:

    Dear Steve Ray Goodmorning, your visit to St Catherine’s incorruptible tomb is a true sign for us and sharing this with us is really changing our lives in our being true disciples of Jesus Christ !!! We loved your sharing Foot Prints of God and see them all and GROW up in Our Lord!!! Would you happen to know the other saint who is there beside st Catherine and St Vincent ? I heard that there was another who was incorruptible and since she is my patron saint I would love all her help from heaven since she learned in the lovely presence of Our Lady Queen and Mother of all peoples. So very sincerely Marcia Sipe and family healed saved delivered redeemed back in the Holy Catholic Church sos love in Christ Jesus God Bless you and ALL of your loved ones !!! Thankyou for helping us be martyrs!!!!!! Only by His grace and mercy and divine pity with LOVE ❤️

    STEVE RAY HERE: I am thrilled with your very kind comments and I’m glad our humble efforts encourage your faith and devotion to Jesus Christ and his church. I think the one you were thinking of is Louise de Marillac. Here is a link in Wikipedia about her.

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