Into Bethlehem for Mass with the Local Christians and to the Unvisited City of Hebron to See Abraham

by Steve Ray on February 2, 2014

Day Six was right up there with the rest! We started the day with shopping in Bethlehem with our favorite Christian shop that supports 70 Christian families stuck behind the wall. You can see the shop in the video.

 The highlight of the day for me and I think for everyone else was Sunday Mass in Bethlehem with the local Catholics on the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord when the children of the city took part in the Mass. I was in tears celebrating the Mass with the persecuted local Christians of Bethlehem.

 Then to the Oaks of Mamre where Abraham met the Trinity while he was resting from the sun in his tent under the Oaks of Mamre (Gen 18). The Oak of Abraham is still there though now only a fading trunk. I told the whole story and met the caretaker who l think looks and acts just like Abraham of old.

 Then to the Machpelah where the Patriarchs and Matriarchs are buried. Over their tombs King Herod build the amazing Machpelah which is still standing today. We went into the Jewish synagogue there with the Muslim call to prayer blaring.

 Back to Bethlehem for dinner in a Bedouin tent setting with delicious local foods and drinks. We arrived at our hotel in time for some to reflect, rest and go to bed early and for others to go across the street and explore the Old City and visit the Tomb of Christ.


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  • Scott McKinney says:

    Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

    I’m very excited to see you on your trip. Did you have any salsa at the dinner or lunch I saw on the video? I liked watching you in Bethlehem. It must be special to be where Jesus was born.


    Devan (and the other McKinney grand kids)

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