Islands of Crete & Santorini; free time on the ship

by Steve Ray on October 25, 2018

Today we landed in Heraklion in Crete, Greece’s largest island. According to Greek mythology it was the birthplace  of Zeus, the head of the gods. But for us, the most important thing is that St. Paul was on this island at least twice and established the church here. He later left Titus on Crete to put things in order and to appoint bishops.

We started off with Mass at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. It’s always a challenge to find a Catholic Church because this country is almost exclusively Greek Orthodox. You can hear/see Fr. Gregory‘s excellent homily here.

We then toured the archaeological site of Knossos. After our time on the island of Crete everyone had a whole afternoon free to nap, go to the ship’s shows or any of the other activities that are available on the ship.

In the late afternoon at 4:30 PM we landed at the island of Santorini where most everyone disembarked to experience this beautiful and exotic Greek island. The ship departed at 9:30 PM and we’re heading back to Athens.

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