Israel 5 Parts 1 & 2: Bethlehem All Day – Birthplace, Shepherds, Shopping and Shwarma!

by Steve Ray on September 25, 2022

Today we leave Israel for a time and go into the Palestinian West Bank and visit Bethlehem for the day. We start at the Bethlehem store, where we hear the Our Father Prayer chanted in Jesus’ language of Aramaic. People love the shop and it’s a good way to start the day.

We then had Mass in a cave where the shepherds were tending their flocks 2000 years ago when heaven was opened and the angels announced the good news. We had a lunch with the great sandwiches called Shawarma.

Then to the Nativity Church to touch the birthplace of Christ, and visit St. Catherine’s. We had an extra hour since everyone was so punctual today so we went to King Herod’s Fortress called the Herodium.

We ended the day with a whole lamb on a huge platter, stuffed with rice. Christian young people arrived and did traditional dances with us and all of our group joined in. Great fun!

Part 1: Bethlehem shopping and holy sites:

Part 2: Dinner and Dancing



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