8 Israel: Caesarea Philippi, Beatitudes, Visitation, to Jerusalem

by Steve Ray on November 12, 2022

Because there’s a big bike race around the Sea of Galilee today all the major roads are closed which complicated our itinerary. So we switched sites around and today we walked for a half a mile from the hotel to access our bus.

Then we drove the hour and a half north to the Lebanese border to visit Banias, which is Caesarea Philippi of biblical times. See Matthew 16:15-20. I gave my talk “Peter, the Rock, the Keys and the Chair”.

We drove to the border with Syria, and gave a talk about the international situation here in the Middle East, while looking across the border into Syria.

Then we drove back to our Ron Beach hotel, since the roads are now open again, and picked up all of the luggage and headed to lunch in the Carmel mountain range. From there to the Visitation before arriving at our hotel, Notre Dame hotel in Jerusalem for the next five nights. I gave my conversion story along the way as we drove south.

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