Israel 9 Comments and Farewells 4-29

by Steve Ray on April 29, 2022

Enjoy these heartfelt and enthusiastic comments, even with some tears, from our pilgrims.

“I’m so impressed with the fruits of your years of experience with the logistics, group dynamics, etc. I can see 100 ways to ruin a trip, but you gracefully avoided them all with skill, planning, and flexibility.

“Thank you and Janet so much for your ministry. You are a dynamo force for the Lord!”

By US law everyone needs to be tested for Covid within 24 hours before flying back home. We hired a clinic to come into the hotel where we had all of our people tested and the results within 15 minutes printed out for them. Everyone was negative and they’re now on their way home.

enjoy these final thoughts and comments from our pilgrims.

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