Israel Airport Security

by Steve Ray on January 9, 2010

95588924resizeIn six hours Janet and I leave for Israel along with a great group that fills a bus. We will land at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and we will leave from there in about two weeks. And yes, I feel very safe. Israel knows what they are doing.

They are not afraid to admit there is a war. They are not afraid to profile. They know that grandma does not blow up planes. They don’t waste time scrutinizing and strip searching a 10 year old blue-eyed blond girl traveling with parents.

IMG_6008My daughter Charlotte was traveling with us when she was ten and the American security took her aside to frisk her and asked if she had a bomb. Israel is too smart for that.They KNOW who tries to blow up planes — young Muslim men.

(Picture to the left: I took it Monday at the Tel Aviv Airport)

America is wrestling more than ever about the security issue. To cover their behinders the administration will probably decide to prove they are doing more by harassing the the ones they are supposed to protect while protecting the ones that cause the problems because the US doesn’t want to be accused of profiling or being racially or religiously insensitive.

Anyway, I will endure the American security and admire the Israeli security and hope for the day when America smartens up.

Here is an interesting article about the Israeli security system.


  • Michael McGreevy says:

    For those who wish to. A good book to read is Brotherhood Of Warriors. by Aaron Cohen Born in the USA he went to be a part of Israels most elite security cadre. Well in the books he talks about a ton of stuff. One of the topics is how America need to wake up and do security right.

    If you like nonfiction milatary history books you cant go wrong with this one.

  • bill912 says:

    The Chicken Littles who panic at the thought of “profiling” would be amusing if the subject weren’t so serious. As a police officer, if I receive a report of a bank robbery committed by a white male, blond hair, in his 20s, driving a red Camaro, I actually look for a car and driver fitting that profile. I don’t say to myself: “Well, I’ll pull over and search that blue Toyota driven by that 85-year-old great-grandmother, so I can’t be accused of ‘profiling’.

  • Bob says:

    Israelis have a system for detecting terrorists. Americans have a system for bothering passengers.

  • Mike says:

    When my aunt and I went on your pilgrimage to the Holy Land we were treated the worst in a small airport in Evansville Indiana where no terrorist would waste their time flying to. They only have 3 gates. They took my aunt, an eldery nun (sister) that still wears the habit, to the side very rudely and had another woman wand her a second time. The lady that had to wand her apologized the whole time knowing it was stupid. Idiots…

  • HG says:

    All this US security stupidity is in the name of “not trying to offend anyone.” That is why these muslim terrorists are getting thru the security in our airports. As one Philippine general commented on a long time ago, he said — “don’t trust the muslims.”

  • Pete says:

    We went to England in 2004, they searched and frisked our then 9 year old. Let’s see, he has red hair, green eyes and was 4 feet tall. They searched him in Orlando and Manchester, UK. So the Brits have the same PC problem we do. It makes no sense at all.

  • Brother Ed says:

    Well, that’s liberals for you. The only people they aren’t afraid of offending is Christians. Open season on them.

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I just went to type in the two spam check words and guess what one of them was?


    Too good!!!!

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