Israel Day 4: Capernaum, Boat Ride, St. Peter’s Fish, Visitation and Jerusalem!

by Steve Ray on February 17, 2019

Mass at Capernaum is always a great way to start the day. The readings are from the Gospel of St. John chapter 6 “ Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood.” Fr. Dan’s excellent homily here. I give my talk There entitled “Defending the Eucharist.”

From there we get on a boat and voyage out to the center of the sea of Galilee for talks, singing and reflection (not just on the water 🙂 Our guide Amer gives a great talk (allegory) about the two seas in Israel watch/hear his talk here.

Then to one of our favorite lunch restaurants and eat Saint Peters fish. Good experience for everyone 🙂

Then I tell my conversion story on the drive south to Jerusalem. But first we stop at the Visitation and I give my talk about defending the Catholic church’s teaching on Mary. We finally arrive at the majestic Notre Dame Hotel in Jerusalem for dinner and bed.

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