Israel & Egypt – Here We Come!

by Steve Ray on August 30, 2007

When this pops up on my blog, Janet and I will be in the air. 50 Pilgrims will follow us in two day for an adventurous pilgrimage following the footprints of Jesus and Mary — but also Moses and Elijah! We will spend 3 days in Galilee, 1 day in Bethlehem, 4 days in Jerusalem, 2 days in Sinai and 2 days in Cairo.

Northwest.jpgJanet and I always leave a few days in advance to make sure everything is set and ready — we also need to be rested when the group arrives. So, pray for us and our pilgrims that this will be a great time of learning and spiritual growth.

Join us for a Virtual Pilgrimage! Every evening (Lord willing) we will be uploading videos of our day. Stay tuned and join us as we journey through the Holy Land. You can leave comments and encouragement and prayers on my Blog by using the "Comments" feature right here at the bottom of each blog entry. We look forward to sharing this trip with you — and hearing from YOU as well.

To see video clips from our last pilgrimage, click here.


  • Lynn Reynolds says:

    Can’t wait to see you & Janet on Saturday! Looking forward to a very blessed experience!

  • Lynn Reynolds says:

    Can’t wait to see you and Janet on Saturday. Looking forward to a very blessed experience.!
    Lynn, Pam, Holly, Becky

  • Pat Hornung says:


    I pray this trip will be a very spiritual one for you and your friends. May the Good Lord, protect you on your journey. I do look forward to seeing the photo’s.

    Watch those camels !!!


  • Janet Gunderson says:


    You are finally on your way to the most holy of places. May you feel His presence all around you.


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