Italy 8 Lanciano Eucharist Miracle to St Michael’s Cave to San Giovanni Rotundo

by Steve Ray on March 26, 2022

Another marvelous day with perfect weather. We started the day in Lanciano at the first and greatest Eucharistic miracle. We had Mass in front of the Eucharistic host that turned into heart muscle and the chalice which turned into human blood physically. This all happened in 750 A.D. when a priest doubted the Real Presence and was stunned by this miracle.

I gave my talk on the bus entitled “Defending the Eucharist”.

We then drove some gorgeous countryside with mountains and vineyards and olive groves and farmland and quaint villages arriving to the cave of Saint Michael which is the earliest apparition site in the 5th century. We entered right when they were praying the Divine Mercy and having adoration. Marvelous!

A nice lunch in Mount Saint Michael before a leisurely drive to San Giovanni Rotondo are we checked into our hotel had some free time and an excellent dinner.

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