John the Baptist Ate Them…Steve Ate One too!

by Steve Ray on January 10, 2015

large-grasshopper-on-finger-tipsI was just on the radio and mentioned how I ate a grasshopper in the Holy Land, in honor of John the Baptist. Since we just returned from Israel I thought I would repost this blog entry in honor of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus on January 9 and my appearance on Relevant Radio to discuss this Feast Day. And to celebrate … STEVE RAY LIVING THE BIBLE IN THE HOLY LAND!

While on Pilgrimage in Israel we stopped at Qumran a while back, near the Dead Sea and the place where John the Baptist baptized. John the Baptist ate grasshoppers here (Matthew 3:4).

I mentioned to my pilgrims that if anyone found a grasshopper — I would eat it like John the Baptist did in the desert.  Grasshoppers, locusts and crickets were considered “clean foods” for the Israelites (Lev. 11:22).

Did Jesus eat them? Why not? It was clean food for the Jews specifically mentioned in the Bible. Leviticus 11:22 says they are “clean” and can be eaten.

Well, finding a big juicy grasshopper became the goal for many of the pilgrims. And before long I found myself with a 4 inch long wiggling insect in my hands and only a sense of humor to get me through.

I promised the group if they found one I’d eat it — never believing they’d find one. They found a BIG one. What to do?

I ate it — live and wiggling — very crunchy. Now I know what a locust tastes like and I know why John the Baptist ate them with wild honey!

Living the Bible here in the Holy Land!

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Pictures 1 and 2: Birthplace of John the Baptist in Ein Kerem Israel, just west of Jerusalem. Picture 3 is overview of Judean Wilderness near Jordan River where John was baptizing. Picture 4 is a statue of John’s father Zechariah.

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  • Jacob Gallucci says:


  • Randy B says:


    FYI: I’ve learned from Discovery Channel or something that one should eat grasshoppers after taking the head and guts out I think. They can have diseases.

  • Randy B says:

    cooking helps as well

  • whit says:

    total yukkers!!

    Glad I already ate brek-brek!

    Have had fried hoppers tho’ when about 14 yo’ on a farm for grins. Tasted like burn’t toast.

  • Anna Glover says:

    Carole, Austin, Shannon & Julie,
    Looks like ya’ll are having a GREAT time! We miss you and can’t wait to hear all about it when you return home safely.
    Tripp & Ansley

  • Christy Rivera says:

    I hope Nancy and Marcia aren’t getting into too much trouble together. We love you and miss you guys. Hope you girls are still having fun.

  • Mia Rivera says:

    i wouldn’t even hold a grasshopper. i love you grammy.

  • Delores N says:

    Cousin Nancy Freeman, you look good, as usual, on YouTube!! Rex talked, I mean listened, to your mom last night on the phone, and she sounds GREAT!! I could even hear her across the room. How long can you stay away from Olivia, Gabby, and Mia though? Or even Randy? Glad you are enjoying/learning in the Holy Land! Love from Delores and Rex

  • Tara says:

    Steve vs. Grasshopper

    Steve won …

    That was so great… thanks for the belly laugh

    We are up in SC enjoying ourselves … golfing, boating and teaching our little Moses to swim in the lake

    Hope you are well and your beautiful family

    We will be in touch …. We think of you often and thank God for you

    PS .. Mike is still laughing about that grasshopper … I don’t think it tasted like chicken …


  • Tom Govern says:

    Not impressed! Try one of those four inch cockroaches that cleaned up after everyone back then!

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